Sharing the Dharma with Colorado

ven. jian hu
When Buddha attained enlightenment under the bodhi tree, he realized that all sentient beings possess inherent Buddha nature but cannot attain it because of their attachments and defilements. Grand Master, Venerable Wei-Chueh resolved to pass on Buddha’s teachings so that all people can see their true nature and attain enlightenment.

From living in isolation in a single small hut to the founding of Chung Tai, an awe inspiring monastery, from 4 ordained sangha and 300 lay disciples in 1987 to over 1,000 ordained sangha and hundreds of thousands lay disciples today, Grand Master Wei-Chueh has revived the Chinese Cha’n (Zen) tradition in Taiwan and has tirelessly brought the Buddha’s teachings to those in need. An heir of the Linji (Rinzai) lineage, the Grand Master’s teaching is straightforward, flexible, and timeless. A word, a gesture, or even silence inspires students.