Sharing the Dharma with Colorado

What is Zen?The American public is becoming increasingly interested in the ancient spiritual tradition of Zen Buddhism, known as “Chan” in Chinese, which flourished in China around 700 A.D. Since then it has provided the spiritual nourishment for countless people. Zen Buddhism teaches how to attain inner peace and uncover the inherent wisdom, or “Buddha nature,” within each person.

Becoming disillusioned with the emptiness of material gains, or ridden by stress and anxiety in the fast pace of modern living, many are turning to Buddhism, which takes the belief that “people suffer because of the greed, anger, and ignorance in all of us.” By probing into our own minds and understanding the nature of our afflictions, we can attain true inner peace, regardless of what happens externally. Zen meditation is one effective way that helps us achieve this goal.

As succinctly said by Ven. Jian Hu, “The key to enlightenment is by reflecting inward into our own minds and attaining unbiased perception of reality.”