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September 5th, 2009 at 10:12 am
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Shaolin Hung Mei Kung Fu & The Academy of Chinese Martial and Cultural Arts are pleased to offer this free lecture on Sunday, Sep. 27!

Ven Jian Hu's ImageJian Hu Shifu, senior monk from Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Taiwan, will share many enlightenment stories of the first five Patriarchs – Bodhidharma (Chinese name: Damo), Huike, Sengcan, Daoxin and Hongren – of Chinese Zen (Ch’an) Buddhism. The unique personalities and styles of these great Masters changed the way Buddhism was taught and followers around the world continue to be fascinated by their profound wisdom.

Date: Sunday, September 27
2:30 – 5:00 pm

Location: Academy of Chinese Martial and Cultural Arts
1750 38th Street, Boulder

Cost: Free and open to the public!

RSVP: Although not required, please RSVP to or (303) 507-3800. Space is limited.

About Venerable Jian Hu
In 2000, Venerable Jian Hu and four monks established the Buddha Gate Monastery in California. He is now the Abbot of the Chung Tai Zen Center in Sunnyvale as well as Buddha Jewel Monastery in Seattle. Chung Tai’s mission is to teach the truths of Buddhism and promote the practice of Ch’an (Zen) meditation. Jian Hu Shifu educated in the forefront of western sciences yet with a deep affection for classical Chinese culture, is uniquely suited to bridging the gap between the East and West. Venerable Jian Hu has conducted Zen Meditation retreats and given lectures at meditation centers and universities throughout Taiwan and the U.S.

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September 5th, 2009 at 10:05 am
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敬邀 中台山舊金山灣區太谷精舍暨西雅圖佛寶寺住持見護法師主講

Ven Jian Hu's Image在科技文明快速發展且繁複多元的二十一世紀,現代人終日忙忙碌碌,壓力環伺。我們的心到底在那裡?應當如何禪修來反璞歸真,找回真實自在的生命﹖

「銷我億劫顛倒想, 不歷僧衹獲法身。」在《楞嚴經》裡, 佛陀教導我們如何用智慧方法找回自己的「真心」。《楞嚴經》素以義理精深, 文字優美著稱, 誠為一部智慧開悟的寶典。其說理論辯嚴謹分明, 不但極為符合科學精神, 歷來更深受理工知識分子的重視。為讓大眾有緣能一窺佛法精髓, 特恭請 見護法師繼續上次講座為大眾作精要的「楞嚴經講座」開示。請大眾把握此殊勝因緣, 參與共修, 同霑法益。

時間: 9月2 7日(星期日)9: 3 0 a m – 1 2 : 0 0 p m
地點: 6 9 9 0 We s t 3 8 t h A v e Su i t e 1 0 2 , Wh e a t R i d g e , CO 8 0 0 3 3
見護法師為加州聖地牙哥大學〈UCSD〉電腦博士,依止當代禪宗巨擘 上惟下覺大和尚座下出家。曾任中台佛學院院長,研究所所長,禪七主法法師,以及舊金山佛門寺住持等。法師深入經藏,學兼中西,以流利的中英文深入淺出闡釋佛法的深妙智慧,接引了不同宗教、文化的中外人士、年輕學子,和高科技人才,都來一窺佛法堂奧。讓大眾在競爭、緊張的現代生活中,能時時觀照當下一念清淨心,體驗佛法的無盡妙用。

聯絡人:傳越居士 303-954-4445、John McNeill 970-389-5320 (English)
中台山.美國丹佛禪修會 Chung Tai Zen Study Group of Denver . . (California)

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